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An award winning family company

Svensk Skogsservice AB and the founder Joakim Gustafsson has with a big commitment and a lot of hard work gotten a lot of attention and been rewarded with numerous awards.
Today Joakims brother Jon, his father Sten and his girlfriend Marie also work in the company that employs a hundred people during high-season.

All personnel, regardless of nationality, works in accordance with Swedish working laws and Swedish salary agreements.

Among others we’ve had the pleasure of receiving the following awards:

  • Job creator of the year 2012
  • Dagens Industri – “Gasellcompany” 2011
  • “Västsvenska Skogspriset” 2010
  • Anders Wall-scholarship 2010
  • Entrepreneur of the year in Dals-Ed 2009

About Svensk Skogsservice

Svensk Skogsservice is an award-winning company with high ambitions.
Through the most competent personnel in the business with a long experience of forestry the company has had an expansive growth since the start in 2003.
Today Svensk Skogsservice is one of the biggest silvicultural companies in Sweden.

Our main office is situated in Dals-Ed, but we work all over Sweden. From our subsidiary in Ludvika we cover big parts of middle Sweden. To reach the other parts of the country we work with local partners. Our partners give us a local knowledge that otherwise is hard to get, plus a local safety for you as a customer.

In our business the climate sets the boundaries for when the job can be executed. We are very proud that our seasonal personnel returns year after year. This means we have a very good experience and competence.

We focus on quality in all our jobs, big and small, and we put a lot of energy on education, planning and follow-up. The goal is to get the best possible growth off the forest and a good economical result for all parties.

Since we started to clear forest under the powerlines in 2004 this part of the company has grown quickly. Today we can do all types of silvicultural jobs within all parts of the infrastructural system. The goal is to help build tomorrows infrastructure to something better.

No customer is too small or too big for us!