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Information regarding Corona-Virus (Covid-19) 2020 Svensk Skogsservice.

Kindly read this information about the guidelines for employees, franchisers and sub-contractors working for Svensk Skogsservice regarding the current Corona outbreak.Svensk Skogsservice work with forestry and employ approximately 120 during the peak of the season where we have employees from seven to eight different nations. To reduce the risk of infection and the spread of Covid-19 Svensk Skogsservice are making a series of measures and recommendations.

We recommend that:

–          You do not travel for vacation to countries where there is a big outbreak.

–          You minimize your traveling with public transportation.

–          You read the linked information and follow the advices that are given.


Some important pointers:

–          A person that have visited or have been in contact with a person that have visited one of the most affected countries are not allowed to enter the office building at Svensk Skogsservice.

–          Until the epidemic is under control, we recommend that all business meetings are conducted over digital channels.

–          If you yourself get infected follow the guidelines set by the health administration.


To think about, daily:

–          Wash your hands

–          Avoid touching your face

–          Avoid shaking hands

–          Keep your distance to people who are coughing

–          If you need to cough, do so in the pit of your arm

–          Do not go to work if sick


List of the most affected nations:

–          China

–          Macao

–          Hong Kong

–          Taiwan

–          South Korea

–          Singapore

–          Japan

–          Iran

–          Italy


If you have questions regarding Covid-19 you can now call (in Sweden) the national information nr 113 13, where all information that are give is certified by Folkhälsomyndigheten or other responsible authority.

Svensk Skogsservice also wants to inform that due to the Covid-19 outbreak we can´t guarantee that we will be able to keep our scheduled timeframes for this season. But we will of course do our outmost to provide a good quality and deliver within set timeframe. Svensk Skogsservice can’t be held responsible for loss of production due to the Covid-19 outbreak.
If you have any questions feel free to call Joakim Gustafsson – 0733 90 22 20