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Looking for workers!

A lot of interesting jobs are coming in.

We are looking for 5-6 brushers to southern an middle of Sweden.
We need one team of 4 that will work in Filipstad and the Halmstad area.
We will also fill up the two teams working around the Jönköping area with 1 Polish worker/team.
In Linköping we will fill up one team of Romanians with 1 more worker.

We are looking for people with forestbrushing experience, preferably from working in Sweden or Finland.
Initially, we will have a training and education session starting up on Monday, September 25th for new workers.

Contact us and send your CV and personal information to:
Krystian Blenski on +46 761350808 ,
Joakim Gustafsson +46 733902220,

We look forward to receiving your application!

För Bättre Tillväxt!